How to take the drama out of Parent-Teacher Interviews?

We know that Teachers matter in the education of students and that their effect size on student achievement should be .4 every school year (Hattie, 2012).  What is new though is that parents can also affect their child’s achievement.  This effect has been measured as high as .74 (Jeynes, 2005).  There are six effective strategies that teachers can focus on and get the message to parents that what they do really matters and has an effect.  When the effect of teachers is put together with the effect of parents so much more can be achieved.

Services Offered for Teachers

1. Latest Research Subscription

Australian Professional Standards Teachers has a focus on teachers engaging parents in the learning of their children.  There are six effective parental engagement strategies that can have an effect on students’s academic achievement and wellbeing. The articles written for teachers to extend the conversations in the classroom to the home so that home and school are on the same page.  The six strategies are broken into easy steps teachers can apply to implement the research findings. These correspond to the parents’ topic and can be discussed in staff meetings or other Professional learning opportunities in the individual school.
Receive the latest research findings broken into easy to apply steps for Principals, Teachers and Parents.

  • Parent Engagement Strategies for School Leaders
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  • Parent Engagement Strategies for Teachers
  • $76
  • Parent Engagement Strategies for Parents
  • $76

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2. Workshop for teachers to develop practical skills to help them work in partnership with parents.

This series of workshops gives Teachers practical skills to effectively communicate and share data with parents. These can be tailored to suit your school’s unique vision and pedagogical framework.