Authoritative Parenting – SERVICES OFFERED FOR PARENTS

1. Ongoing practical and evidence based information for parents

Six effective and simple strategies for parents proven to improve their child’s achievement and wellbeing.

Receive the latest research findings broken into easy to apply steps for Principals, Teachers and Parents.

  • Parent Engagement Strategies for School Leaders
  • $76
  • Parent Engagement Strategies for Teachers
  • $76
  • Parental Engagement Strategies for Parents
  • $76

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2. Masterclass for Happy healthy and achieving kids.

This series of masterclasses is designed around teaching parents how to develop the six evidence based strategies

that are most effective in improving their child’s academic achievement and wellbeing.

Practical strategies they can use particularly in the home. It is tailored to the particular needs of your parents.

3. Parent leadership

This certified training is for parents who have done the Masterclass and want to develop skills to share this knowledge with other parents.