Parental Engagement is most effective when focused on learning and especially family led learning in the home.

Although the focus of schools has been on involving parents in school based activities, is just the start.

These activities help parents to feel more at home with the school but effective parental engagement strategies can have an effect on the achievement and wellbeing of students.

There are six effective and simple parental engagement strategies that schools can focus on.  But they require the capacity building of all stakeholders – parents, teachers and principal to overcome long held beliefs of whose role it is to educate students.


The Missing Link in Education

The missing link in education –    parental engagement.What does research say and how can it be developed in schools?

Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative Parenting – Are your parents looking for proven strategies to help their child achieve at their best?

Parent Teacher Relationships

Are you looking to take the drama our of parent teacher relationships in your school?